Equilibrium Self-Integration Processes


PHOTOS LEFT TO RIGHT:  (1) The Grand Canyon becomes a spiritual home for many first-time visitors.  So it was for me in 2010.  Then Sedona (next in photo row above) became my home. 

 (2) The nourishing energy of the Sedona red rocks provides a battery recharge while hiking among the red earth, green juniper and pinon, and beneath the turquoise skies.  Clients who visit here for therapy with me, also benefit from walks and hikes among the red rocks.  Sometimes that therapy is the best, I must admit.  Nothing can heal like Mother Nature.

(3) Victoor (aka Vic) is seen in a fly sheet that matches the "Broadway Boogie Woogie" painting by Piet Mondrian.  Vic was not originally impressed with Piet's work, saying the design would make a nice fly sheet.  To see Vic in famous paintings of the ages, visit my web site at www.barbaawrightart.com and click on "A Horse in Art." 

(4)  A view of the Verde Valley and Coconino National Forest looking toward the Black Hills from Conville AZ.

Group Healing Sessions, Satsangs and Individual Sessions

Please note during COVID pandemic, only completely vaccinated and symptom free clients are accepted.  Masks are required during sessions.   Arizona is experiencing a COVID surge and mask mandates are not enforced or even required, only on an individual company/organization basis.  We require masks and vaccinations.

Healing the human is most effective in a group setting with like-minded people adding support.  The effect is synergistic and felt.

Group Healing Sessions

Periodic presentations to groups, organizations, affiliations, community organizations are sponsored and advertised via an email list and in local newspapers and on-line media.  These sessions focus on a common problem creating stress in our modern world, a problem familiar to most any audience.  If you would like to be added to our invitation list, please email Barbara at [email protected]  The concept of self-integration and the theory and practice of it are explained in detail.  Demonstrations of one or two processes are included.


Satsang is a Sanskrit word for question and answer sessions in a psycho/spiritual setting.  Included are discussions of psychological and emotional issues that prevent spiritual growth,  that hinder moving from the small ego to the Higher Self.  Questions and answers are geared to the entire group as well as to the individual asking the question.  A short group meditation closes the satsang, the entire session lasting usually no longer than 1.5 hours.

Individual Client Sessions

Individual sessions are by appointment only.  Call Barbara at 443.517.7085 to schedule an introductory session and client intake.  Hours are Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday 3 to 6 p.m.  Sessions are $45 per hour.  No insurance is accepted.  Payment is by cash or check to Harmony HorseWorks, our equine welfare fund, on receipt of services.  Sessions are held in my home.  My rate is the lowest you will find anywhere as I have no overhead or office staff, nor do I bill insurance.  All proceeds benefit the Harmony HorseWorks Equine Welfare Fund.   My goal is to offer the best healing at the lowest possible financial burden to you.  You are worth it.