Equilibrium Self-Integration Processes


Advice and Tips from Friends to Help Relieve COVID Stress

During these stressful and chaotic times in which we face the COVID pandemic on all levels, fellow therapists and friends have been sending in tips to help mitigate the effects of stress on all levels - spiritual, mental, physical and emotional.  Some of these tips are shared here:

1.  Shift your attention from the outside disturbances and inputs to the present and your experience of the moment and what you can do to keep yourself and your loved ones safe.  Don't try to save the world. It is not your responsibility.  You are responsible for your life and keeping it safe simultaneously helps others stay safe.


2.  Nurture emotions that support health and life, such as empathy, compassion, love and connection with the web of existence.  

3.  Don't judge your experience in the present moment.  Experience it.  Watch it move in your awareness, don't criticize or magnify it.  We are here to experience the moment to the best of our ability.

4.  Be of service to others.  Even the smallest acts of kindness can make a difference for the giver and the receiver.

5.  Don't forget to breathe, especially when your stress levels rise.  Take 5.  Breathe.

6.  Get out into nature and relish the gifts of Mother Earth.  Exercise.  Walk.  Stretch.

7.  Eat well.  Hydrate.  Your body is the vehicle for your transformation.  Honor it.  Care for it.

8.  Take time to do what you enjoy doing, or just being.  Create a routine.  Make an effort for normalcy.

9.  Sleep.  Nap if you can or need to.

10.  Be kind to yourself and those you love.

11.  Acknowledge that you can't understand what appears as chaos.  Let go of trying to find reasons.  There are no reasons.  Things happen when circumstances are ripe.

12.  Regulate when and how much news you consume.  Don't overload.