Equilibrium Self-Integration Processes


What inspires one to be a therapist, processor or healer?  First, having jumped through the hoops life sets up and wanting to continue growing my own soul is a motivator.  The beneficial side effect of helping others is that I simultaneously help myself.  My inspirations have been the spiritual masters, the many horses we rescued and rehabilitated over the years at Harmony HorseWorks, the wounding experiences of my life, and the knowledge that helping others is good work.

Photo row above:  (1) An image of the meditating Buddha, (2) Weighs the Truth by Barbara Wright, a painting of one of the 13 Original Clan Mothers (book by Jamie Sams). (3) The magical landscape of the Grand Canyon. (4) Commun-ion, a painting by Barbara Wright featuring three white dozing horses.


Most biographies are written in the third person, about someone, not in the first person by the individual featured in the bio.  I'd like to personalize that tradition a bit by introducing myself in the first person.  I am a Certified PEAT Processor (Prime Energy Activation and Transcendence), a spiritual technology developed by Zivorad Slavinski.  PEAT  combines the best aspects of bio/psycho/social therapies in the envelope of a spiritually-oriented setting.  It is referred to as spiritual technology.  I've also developed spiritual psychology processes based on the Map of Consciousness developed by David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D.


I am the inventor of Equine Stress Control Therapy (ESCT) for nervous, anxious and spooky horses.  ESCT is  based on the human therapy EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing).  More than any experiences, those with horses have formed me into a healer and therapist.  I often say that horses have taught me everything I know, especially my personal horse, Victoor, a Polish arabian with a mind of his own and the beauty of his breed.   I am also the founder of Harmony HorseWorks and Equine Welfare Fund, a nonprofit corporation since 2002.  Until 2015 and before moving to Sedona, we were located in Conifer, Colorado in the Front Range Mountains just west of Denver.

My career in horse and human therapies began after I established Harmony HorseWorks, an equine rescue and sanctuary in Colorado which was active there from 2000 to 2015.  During that time, I perfected ESCT for the rescue horses in my care and for my  clients' horses.  Often  the clients asked if they could be helped in the same way as their horses,  so I studied PEAT spiritual technology and began healing horse and owner pairs.  Group sessions, talks, individual therapy sessions and satsangs followed.   As a result of my familiarity with PEAT and EMDR, I've developed  Equilibrium Self-Integration Processes as an outgrowth of those experiences with horses and humans plus the teachings of Dr. Hawkins.   Realistically, there is not much difference between healing a horse and a human.  In fact, horses make better clients since they are willing to move toward healing without egoic resistance. 

Now, using PEAT, the teachings of David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D. and the teachings of the great spiritual masters of the ages as my  blueprints, the therapies have unified into a powerful set of tools for clients of varied backgrounds and goals.   The reason I ended up living in Sedona is largely due to the effect this magical landscape had on me when I attended a Hawkins seminar here in 2010.  I had read Power vs. Force and Truth vs. Falsehood and was impressed by the massive spiritual intelligence of this remarkable psychiatrist.  Sadly, he passed away in 2012.

The goal of Equilibrium Self-Integration is to make the ego the servant of the Self, not its master.  Once the energetic drain of feeding the ego is gone, the Self is revealed and shines.  The Self was and is and will be there, always.  Yes, we need ego to survive in our chaotic world to perform the tasks and assume the responsibilities society demands, but we don't need the ego to add to the chaos.  Let's put a gentle bit in its mouth and teach it some discipline, maybe even sending it to its periodically to take a time-out.



For many years, I've painted what I love,  specializing in equine art.  Here in Sedona, I paint and draw the fabulous landscape.  This is a new artistic challenge.  To try to interpret what Mother Earth has already created with a humble approach, knowing nothing can improve on that beauty but can only inspire, is an ongoing mystery.    Proceeds from the sale of my art benefit the Equine Welfare Fund.  My art can be seen at  www.barbarawrightart.com.


We are souls having a human experience.

Direct experience transforms faith into knowing.

The physical world is a laboratory for spiritual, psychological and emotional growth.

Enlightenment of one's true nature is a process, not an event.

Life is for learning.

What comes up as problem is the signal for what needs to be healed.

An inner challenge is a blessing in disguise.

Personal responsibility is the key to growth.

Your reactions to negative situations create the discomfort, not the situation itself.  How are you relating?

You are creating your future now.

Freedom from unnecessary emotional suffering is possible.


"I have been knocking at the door and when the door opened, I realized I was knocking from the inside."  Rumi - Sufi poet.

"Happiness is an inside job.  You can't find it out there, no matter how hard you look."  Wise men of all ages.

"I have transcended this world." Jesus

"I don't care what happens."  Jiddah Krishnamurti


Equilibrium self-integration processes raise you to your unique strength as a human being on all levels - spiritual, emotional, mental and physical.  What emerges as you is the cleared aspect of what you truly are - the Consciousness and Awareness in which your experiences play out, the vast field in which objects are perceived, the web in which thoughts appear and disappear.  This leap of faith from small self (ego) to higher Self (Knowing) is the best bungie jump you'll ever take.

Photos from left to right:  View of Coffee Pot in Sedona, AZ.  Portrait of Imperator by Barbara Wright.  Barbara and her horse, Vic at a groundwork demo.  Pen and ink drawing by Barbara Wright of Castle Rock from Slim Shady Trail in Village of Oak Creek, AZ.