Equilibrium Self-Integration Processes


Equilibrium Self-Integration Processes 

These processes are designed to build a compassionate heart, open mind, sense of well-being, and ability to face the challenges and chaos that life brings.  Read on to discover how these processes might help you shed the limitations of your conditioning.

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Self-Integration Processes

Dissolve your egoic fears and discover the power of the Self.  The ego makes a poor master but a good servant.  Move from the small self to the Higher Self by experiencing the Equilibrium Self-Integration Processes.
Who will you be without your emotional and psychological baggage?  A light and liberated traveler through life.
If you are at the end of your rope, what will happen when you let go of the rope?  You will watch the rope fall.
The first step to emotional and spiritual freedom is to unpack the baggage and let go of your ropes.  You will begin to see ego as only a small part of your total Being, a part that will no longer run your life with whirling thoughts, negative thinking and one that plays you as the victim.


Shallow PEAT
DP2, DP3, DP4
Verbal Reduction and Expansion
Entity Handling

Little Magical Method
Gnostic Intensive
The Hologram

Are you torn between two selves, the small ego and the expansive Higher Self?  Tired of vacillating between conscious awareness and unconscious existence?  PEAT may be your way to self-integration.   PEAT neutralizes the noise created by disparate brain waves , equalizing signals much like in meditation or in neurofeedback, but at a very accelerated pace using only the tools natures has given you.  This can result in a state of peace and allow emotional healing to continue, lessening the vacillation between ego and Self.  Some of the processes can be self-administered and are easily taught to those interested in  psycho-spiritual techniques and processes.

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The Ladder of Human Emotions
Aspect Analysis
The Four Directions
Self-State Inventory

Truth Telling

The Medicine Wheel

"Never be afraid of the moment, sings the voice of the Everlasting" wrote Rabindranath Tagore, revered poet and philosopher.  Once you have worked through the levels of consciousness, as developed by David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D., and integrated the best parts of your humanity, an expansive freedom is available to you. The Equilibrium Processes help you rebalance your existence as life is never safe and predictable and can only be navigated at the level of one's awareness and skills.  Equilibrium self-integration processes bring out those skills in you.

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"I am nothing and everything and enjoying both" explains Mooji, teacher of the direct path to awareness of the Self.  

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